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Our main goal is to develop your love for chess and share our experience with you

Training programmes

We explain basic strategy and tactics depending on your level. For young players we explain opening principles, teach basic positions for developing chess foundation and analyse games of Grand Masters.

Price for group lessons

group lesson
15 $
group lessons*

* groups once a week,
available for
30 days
55 $
group lessons*

* groups twice a week,
available for
30 days
Lessons are available for 30 (thirty) days since the moment when the first class is visited.
If you buy 4 lessons you can skip one class and join the next lesson, if you buy 8 lessons you can skip 2 classes and join the next lesson.
If you want to skip a lesson you need to tell the manager or your trainer 12 hours prior to the lesson. Otherwise the lesson is lost.

Lesson plan

Online lessons in chessway have the following plan:
Basic chess
Basic rules and goals of the games. How to move the pieces and introducion to the world of chess.
Students will learn the most difficult rules and how to maximize the strength of your pieces.
We show possible tactics; analyse how to play gambits, opening traps;
We learn atack and defence models and checkmate tips.

We explain plans of the games and show effective piece placement for each plan. We teach game metods with advantages in position, pawn structures.
Students will learn how to find good and bad pieces in position and weaknesses in the opponents' structures.
Endgame Patterns
Chess players will gain basic endgame knowledge and learn how to promote pawns. Students will be offered patterns for effective endgame playing.
Learning how to play is interesing. However, it is more entertaining to play. And our school provides this opportunity. We organise online tournaments for children and adults for free. You can find the schedule on our website on page Calendar
Chessway Team
School founder
Motivating trainer: improving sports skills, preparation for the competition, achievements of goals
International Master,
Rating FIDE: 2413
Two times Russian champion, European and World Champion,
Olympic Champion in the National Youth Team.
Play experience 20 years, more 7 years gives training
Project Manager, Maim Coach
Children's trainer: cultivate love and interest of chess, forms a knowledge base happily and easy
Woman FIDE Master, Russian champion in the team,
arbiter of first category,
Has 11 years service in training.
Organized more 1000 chess events.
Children's trainer, Arbiter
Woman FIDE Master. Rating FIDE 2048. Three- time champion of the Volga Federal Regional competition. The medalist of Russian Champion in rapid and blitz.
Experience in the field of teaching chess mastery for more than 4 years. There are winners and prize-winners of regional and local competitions among the students.
Candidate masters, Russian Champion U-18 , Bachelor's degree in Pedagogical education. Work experience is more than 12 years. Достижения учеников: Champion of Europe, Champion of the Central Federal Regional, medalists of Moscow Championship and winners of international
youth championships.
Woman FIDE Master, Champion of Moscow, Medalist of Russian Championship in rapid and Region competitions, Bachelor's degree in Pedagogical education,
Work experience is more than 9 years. Достижения учеников: Champion of Moscow U-12 and Medalist of Russian Cups.

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